Government of Ontario: Rowan's Law

What is the law?
As of July 1, 2019, Ontario mandates that parents/athletes in amateur sports are educated on how to improve concussion safety.

What does this mean?

Every year, athletes under 26, parents of an athlete under 18, and coaches must review one of Ontario’s Official Concussion Awareness Resources before registering with KE.

Once you have reviewed the information, you will be asked to sign a “KE Concussion Code of Conduct” to verify you have abided by the law.

Why do we have it?

The law was created after an athlete, Rowan Stinger, passed away after receiving multiple concussions in short succession. Known as “second impact syndrome”, if the brain is not given time to heal between major hits, it can become fatal. This was a preventable injury, as such Ontario has taken steps to ensure athletes and parents are aware on the signs/symptoms of a concussion to ensure this instance is not repeated.

What you must do:
  1. Go to the resource page.
  2. Read the provided resource e-booklet OR watch the resource video associated with the age of the athlete registering with KE.***It is strongly encouraged to watch the video WITH the athlete.