Private Lessons


Learn at your pace. Individualized progression consisting of warm-up, conditioning, instruction, and stretching with one of Kingston Elite’s certified coaches. 


Private lesson slots are booked on a monthly basis and paid for upfront.  Time slots will be released at 8:00 am on the 15th of each month prior (for example, September private lessons will be released August 15th at 8:00 am).  You must register for the entire month for your time slot.  If you are registering in a semi-private time slot, you must already have a partner arranged before registering.  If you would like to add a 3rd person to your semi-private time slot, contact Laura at

Please remember to ONLY book a semi-private time slot if you have already made arrangements to tumble with someone. Please determine before the 15th, which one of you will be reserving the time slot. I suggest picking 3-4 times that could work ahead of time. I have updated the system so that only 1 person can reserve each spot. So if your payment goes through, you have reserved that time. On the 16th (around 9:30 am), I will open up the 2nd position in each semi-private lesson so your partner will be able to register with you. For example, Sally and Suzy want to tumble with coach Emily. Suzy's mom books the time slot on September 15th. Once her spot is confirmed she will tell Sally's mom what time they got. September 16th, Sally's mom registers her in the time slot confirmed.  As of the 16th, any semi-private slots that say "2 spots remaining" are still available. 


If you are interested in arranging a weekday time slot (Monday-Friday before 3:00 pm), contact


30 Min Private - $25 + HST
45 Min Private - $37.50 + HST
60 Min Private - $50 + HST
30 Min Semi-Private - $20 + HST/person (Max 3 people)
45 Min Semi-Private - $30 + HST/person (Max 3 people)
60 Min Semi-Private - $40 + HST/person (Max 3 people)

KE’s Recreational Athlete Membership $35 + HST is required for any non-members and covers the cost of insurance until April 2025 and a t-shirt for the student to wear to class and keep. 

If your tumbling coach is unable to attend a booked session, a substitute coach will cover the lesson or it will be rescheduled.

1. The membership fee is non-refundable but if you return to take a class with us within the season (until April 30, 2025) the membership fee will still be active.

2. Lessons cancelled prior to the 1st of the month are 100% refundable.  After the 1st of each month, classes are non-refundable.

If you have any questions, please contact