Competitive Teams

Registration for Competitive Teams (starting October 25, 2020) is open!

Please follow these instructions carefully and thoroughly:

1. Please read the Competitive Team & Athlete Training Program booklet in its entirety. 

2. Complete the following 4 online documents:

a. Waiver
b. Declaration of Understanding

c. Code of Conduct

d. Athlete Registration Form

3. Once the above have been received a member of our administrative team will contact you in regards to assessing your athlete’s skill level. We will then assign them to a team and discuss any optional classes you wish to take. We will then ask you to become a member of the OCF & Cheer Canada.

4. Once your renewal/purchase of the Ontario Cheerleading Federation and Cheer Canada for 2020-2021 is completed, send to your Athlete ID card to complete registration. Fees will be listed on their website: