Private Lessons

We offer 2 types of private lessons:

you can’t beat the one-to-one ratio and attention of a KE private lesson! learn exactly at your pace and level come in 15 minutes early to warm up independently, have 30 minutes with your coach, then condition and stretch for 15 minutes independently = 1 hour of individualized progression! Private (1 student) and semi-private (2 students) lessons available.

Come in as a group of four (1 flyer, 2 bases, 1 back base) or a co-ed pair (1 base, 1 flyer) and progress at your group’s pace and ability level
ideal for groups who wish to compete in stunt competitions or for those who just want to level up! Sessions are 45 minutes long for groups and 30 minutes long for pairs. Athletes must come in 10 minutes early to warm up and stay 5 minutes later to cool down and stretch.

Private lessons $33.90 per session
Semi-private lessons $22.60 per athlete per session (must be 2 students)
Group lessons $16.95 per athlete per session for groups of 4 only

How do I book my lesson?

Send us an email at!