Private Lessons

Kingston Elite is a member of the Ontario Cheerleading Federation and Cheer Canada. As such, we are permitted to run training for competitive and recreational athletes if we maintain physical distancing guidelines set by the KFL&A Public Health Unit.

You can’t beat the one-to-one ratio and attention of a KE private lesson! Learn at your pace. 45 minutes of individualized progression consisting of warm-up, conditioning, instruction, and stretching with one of Kingston Elite’s certified coaches. Private (1 student) and semi-private (2 students, partners must be arranged by the students) lessons available.


1) KE’s Recreational Athlete Membership $25 + HST covers the cost of insurance until April 2021 and practice gear (a t-shirt and pair of shorts) for the student to wear to class and keep. Competitive athletes have paid this fee with their competitive athlete membership fee.

2) Ontario Cheerleading Federation & Cheer Canada athlete membership (approximately $20). Please see below for instructions on how to enrol.

3) Class Tuition is charged at the end of the week of the session on Saturdays. A Visa or MasterCard must be kept on file in your KE account.

- Private lessons are $55+HST per session

- Semi-private lessons $45+HST per athlete per session

1. The membership fee is non-refundable but if you return to take a class with us within the season (until April 30, 2021) the membership fee will still be active.

2. No refunds are given for lessons already taken.

3. Lessons cancelled at least 6 hours prior to the start time do not have a cancellation fee. Cancellations within 6 hours will have a $30+HST fee per athlete. Failure to show up for a scheduled private lesson will result in 100% of the fee charged. The time-stamp of the E-mail will be used to determine any applicable fees.

4. For semi-private lessons, parents of students must send one E-mail on behalf of both students (the other parent must be CC’d on the E-mail). Charges apply to both athletes as in point #3 above. If only one of the two students cancel then the athlete attending will be charged at the private lesson rate of $75+HST.


A) Competitive athletes please contact us at to register.

B) If you are not a competitive athlete at Kingston Elite please go through this process:

1. Complete the following 4 online documents:

a. Waiver : 

b. Declaration of Understanding: 

c. Code of Conduct: 

d. Athlete Registration form : 

2. Once all four forms have been received a member of our administrative team will contact you. If accepted, we will then direct you to obtain your OCF & Cheer Canada membership:

3. Once your renewal/purchase of the Ontario Cheerleading Federation and Cheer Canada for 2020-2021 is completed, send to your Athlete ID card to complete registration. Fees will be listed on their website:

We appreciate that our registration process is time-consuming. This is reflective of COVID-19 taking place and a high-level of precaution is being taken by our gym to ensure the safety of athletes and coaches, alike.


Send us an email at