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$35 + HST membership fee applies to all new students.  It covers the cost of insurance until April 2018 and includes a t-shirt for the athlete.



All classes are 50 minutes in length except for Tiny Tumblers which is 45 minutes long.


January-March/April CLASS TUITION

  • A 10% discount is applied members of the same immediate family.
  • Tiny Tumblers = $153 + HST for 13 classes

Sunday classes run from January 7  to March 25 (except on Feb. 18, March 11) = $153+HST

Monday classes run from January 8 to April 9 (except on Feb. 19, March 12, April 2) = $170+HST

Tuesday classes run from January 9 to April 10 (except on March 13) = $204+HST

Wednesday classes run from January 10 to April 11 (except on March 14) = $204+HST

Thursday classes run from January 11 to April 12 (except on March 14) = $204 + HST

Friday classes run from January 12 to March 2 (except on Feb. 16) = $102+HST



Numerous classes are offered.  Please see Class Schedules for specific dates & times:

Tiny Tumblers – An introductory tumbling class for ages 3-5 years old.

Novice – This an introductory class for students who are new or relatively new to tumbling.  The focus will be on fundamentals of tumbling and lead up to handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, and walk-overs.

Level 1 – This is a class for students who have mastered the basics — front and back rolls, cartwheels, handstands.  The focus will be on building fundamentals such as round-offs and walk-overs and conditioning to develop power for higher levels in the future.

*Intermediate 1-2 – ideal for athletes who have already learned basic fundamentals of level 1 and are ready to learn advanced level 1 and beginning level 2 skills.

*Level 2 – students must demonstrate mastery of level 1 skills in order to attend.  Curriculum includes handsprings and combinations.

*Level 2 & 3 – students must demonstrate mastery of level 1 skills in order to attend.  Curriculum includes handsprings and combinations.

*Level 3-4 - students must demonstrate mastery of level 2 skills in order to attend.  Curriculum includes back tucks and combinations.

*Level 4 & 5 – students must be able to perform properly executed back-tucks in tumbling lines in order to be in this class.  Curriculum includes layouts, twisting flips and combinations.  **Due to the small class size required elite tumbling classes have a higher fee**

*Coaches reserve the right to move students to a lower-level class for their proper progression if they don’t meet the minimum requirements.